LTA International
We are lead by a team of exceptional individuals with over 100 years of international experience.
— Loyd Tomlinson

Loyd Tomlinson


Loyd Tomlinson is a 44 year veteran of the retail industry. 

During his extensive career he has been involved with Lucky Stores, Gemco, Kash-N-Karry Supermarkets, Kmart, American Greetings, and Dairy Farm International. Due to his in-depth understanding of CPG global markets and distribution networks he has often served as leader of retail industry research projects with organizations such as GMDC and FMI.

Loyd Tomlinson II


Loyd Tomlinson II started at LTA International in 2003.

Loyd began his career at LTA International in 2003 after spending many years involved with OSI in the development of the Outback Steakhouse franchise in Alabama. He has extensive experience in international logistics, rule and regulation requirements, and cross-border financing requirements. Loyd manages the day to day operations of the business, which includes sales, human resources, financial performance and banking.

Peter Erlichson - Director of Business Development

Trent Repetosky - Sales Director of Asia

Social Responsibility

The founders of LTA International are strong proponents of helping those who are less fortunate. They believe donating ones time is as important as doing good business. Consequently they support LTA team members who are interested in getting involved in charities or agencies that have a positive social agenda.

LTA team members are involved in:

  • Instructing yoga & fitness classes at local college USFSP.

  • Officiating children's baseball, football, and basketball.

  • Teaching children in deprived areas.

  • Assisting with programs that benefit the homeless.

  • Building homes in depressed areas.

  • Participating in non-for-profit charities to protect our wildlife.

The World Needs Food

LTA strives to be a socially responsible company and is concerned for the people around the world who are in need of food. After the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and then Maria, LTA donated several cases or food to the Island of Dominica.

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Organization Beliefs

LTA International believes that operational efficiency requires an approach that optimizes the relationships between people, process and technology.

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